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We are always on the lookout for top level players who have the right attitude.

Our X League teams are our top tier for amateur football.​

The 2022 season will see a brand new structure of 24 teams in a 3 division structure with promotion and relegation, all competition matches will be played on Friday nights (XL-3 Saturdays).

Match of the week for XL-1 will be live streamed each week.

All our X League teams will have access to a dedicated physiotherapist for pre game massage and strapping when playing at home.

In addition to our regular season fixtures our Men's X League 1 (XL-1) team also plays in the Australia Cup, Cottam Cup and State Cup.

Our Men's X League 2 (XL-2) team plays in the Cottam Cup and State Cup.

Our Youth X League 3 (XL-3) Under 20's team plays in the State Cup.

Spots on all teams will be extremely limited and subject to skill level, attitude and commitment.

Join the club that does it better!

To trial for one of our X League teams click on the below button to fill out the form. 

(Guildford West Sportsground )

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