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5 February , 2021 By Mark Stavroulakis

Ambitious Granville District Soccer Football Association side Holroyd Rangers cannot wait for the new 2021 Grassroots Football season to kick-off with Club President Danny Rizk and his board promoting the new year thanks to a cool ‘Come Register’ online video produced. The ‘Call to Arms’ clip which can be viewed below, is just one of the many exciting initiatives the club is looking at pushing through during the 2021 football campaign. It was no secret that a number of clubs across the state suffered during the 2020 season due to COVID but Rizk stated to Football NSW that against the odds, the Rangers gained more members. “Our amazing members backed the club and returned in numbers so much so we actually still managed a slight gain in membership. “COVID all but wiped away all our Major sponsors so we had to adapt, a tight budget and a strong focus on our only revenue stream and that was our canteen. “We totally revamped the menu and it’s definitely paid off.” Registrations for the 2021 season have started on the right foot with Rizk stating that the club’s objective once again was to see growth as well as attract new sponsors to assist with the day-to-day operations at the Rangers. “We want to see more of the same following on from a successful 2020 registration period. “We understand that COVID will still have an affect on the up-coming year but in saying that we’ve gained some very good valuable sponsors which will set us up for a strong season – but we are always on the lookout for more. “Currently our registration numbers are well ahead of what we experienced the same time last year and I anticipate we will see growth in our membership base for the third straight year. “We want to encourage people to choose us as a club as we believe we are offering members a new and fresh experience when it comes to grassroots football. “We have partnered with The Football Physio to offer our members first-hand service on game days, we have purchased additional first aid equipment and have a spinal injury specialist on site. “A new kit has been introduced as well with a fresh look toward the future while the canteen will also see a few new welcome additions to the menu.”


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